dubuque senior pictures to die for!

We just completed a major update on our Dubuque area Senior Photographer web page including a new music track, tons of new, amazing pictures and lots of new high school senior and teen portraits.

Luxe Photography Website Dubuque Area Senior Portrait Photographer

Luxe Photography Website Dubuque Area Senior Portrait Photographer

Go check it out and while on the site, you can apply to be one of our elite 2014 Luxe Senior Models by clicking the “Apply to Be a Model” link at the top.

Big things are in the works for Luxe Photography in 2013.  We will be finishing off the 40’x120′ covered studio outside with even more incredible sets and rocking all new techniques and ideas for our senior portraits.  This fall, we attended several workshops all across the United States with some of the best senior portrait photographers in the country and now we are even more equipped to thrill you with over the top, unique senior portraits.

To schedule your custom senior portrait experience call 319-521-3044 or visit our Senior Portrait webpage and fill out the contact form.


The Power of Images

I have been helping my mom clean out her storage room and it has provided me with some very valuable insight that I wanted to share with you all.  As we sorted, cleaned and went through boxes, we would stumble upon numerous photographs of years gone by.  My mom was quite the photographer in that she documented EVERYTHING.  She loved taking pictures and even though they were just snapshots, they still conveyed the feeling of the moment and acted like a mini time machine.

I laughed over the photographs of my Dad being his insane, silly self.  He was so unique and special and it was devastating to lose him unexpectedly in 2001.

I cried as I reminisced about my first husband, Brian.  The prom pictures and images of our wedding made me miss him and the light he brought to the world.  We were together for 10 years, but unfortunately, he also passed away in 2001.

The images of my parents wedding hold a special place in my heart, as do the wedding images of their parents.  We don’t realize as we are snapping away or hiring a photographer that it is really our children and grandchildren who will appreciate these pieces of the past.   I can only share them here because my Mom was given permission from the Professional Photographer  before his death.

I was in awe of the senior portraits we found of relatives.  Some of those photographers were so amazing with light and they did it all with film.  No presets, no actions, no fixing it in Photoshop…..just pure skill.

A light bulb came on as we laughed, cried and reveled at these images……if they had been saved in the technology of that day, instead of an actual print, we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy them as we were.  Just like you cannot play an 8 track tape today, someday you will not be able to access your images on CD.  You must realize this and make a print of each image.  Beyond the technicalities of preserving your images, I realized that sifting through a box of CDs would not have given the same thrill that leafing through the prints did.  I want you to consider this when you are choosing your photography products.  Everyone is so gung ho about the CD because it is available, but is it really what you need and want for the future?  Are you really going to be the self-starter who prints all the images, or in reality are they just going to sit, un-enjoyed on a disc until they can’t be opened because too many years and technological advances have come to pass?  Some of the photographs in the boxes were over a hundred years old and guess what?  They still looked great, despite the fact that they were not being stored properly.  So making sure that your photographer prints on archival paper is also very important.

This also brings to light the issue of having regular family portraits taken.  In addition to losing my Dad and Husband suddenly in 2001, I lost a son in 1999.  I cannot tell you how much I treasure the very few pictures I have of Jonathan that one of NICU nurses took for me.  Your whole world can change immediately and without notice and we are naïve to think that there will always be time to record our lives and those we love.

My hope is that this post will inspire you to take action where needed and make informed decisions when it comes to choosing photographic products.  Photography is so incredibly important and I think we can all agree that they are the top item, outside of people and pets, that we would run into a burning house to save.

Rockin Your Senior Portraits

So, you’ve worked for 13 years to graduate.  Don’t you deserve the experience of a lifetime for your Senior Portraits?  You certainly have several choices when it comes to choosing your Senior Portrait Photographer, but there is only one choice when it comes to the Senior Portrait Experience of a lifetime……Luxe Photography.

At Luxe, we specialize in custom portrait sessions and insane fun.  The time you spend with us will leave you feeling like a super model and give you a high that will be invigorated every time one of your friends freaks over your images.  We cater to teens and make it our goal to blow your socks off at every turn.  You won’t wait weeks or months to see your pics on Facebook.  We post them the same day as your ordering appointment!

From the moment you schedule your session, you will feel like a celebrity.  Before you even show up, we are getting to know you, learning your faves and making sure your session is all about YOU.  Arriving at the studio for the first time is quite an experience and always makes people gasp.  You will find that we have stocked our snack bar with all your faves and have a crazy amount of jewelry and accessories to borrow.  We have two shooting rooms, totaling over 2000 square feet and a dressing lounge TO DIE FOR.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have 13 acres of outdoor playground that includes a barn, silo, pool, gravel road, old buildings, prairie grass, fields, woods and a huge pond.

Most of all, we are all about fun!  We want to make you feel special and give you the experience of a lifetime with the images to prove it!

There is only one Luxe Photography and we are the best Senior Photographer in the area.  So, if you’re ready to feel like a rockstar, hit us up on the website or shoot us a message on Facebook and we’ll get you rolling.  ~Sindi

Prom Madness 2012

Well, there’s a great party on the horizon….Prom Madness 2012!  The event will take place March 3, 2012 from 11:30am – 3:00pm at Courtside Sports Bar & Grill in Dubuque.  This event is being sponsored by Soiree &  Alexxus Entertainment and presented by The Telegraph Herald.  There will be games, prizes and a fashion show featuring 2012 and 2013 Luxe Photography Senior Models!  The first 100 teens through the door will receive a swag bag filled with goodies from area businesses.  Of course, Luxe will be rockin the Photobooth and offering FREE Facebook profile pics.

In addition, you could win a FREE session or $50 print credit from the best teen photographer in the area!  Girls will be able to try on and select their favorite gown and guys can get measured and reserve their tux.  We are PUMPED for this event and can’t wait to see you all there!  ~Sindi

The Ultimate Pre-Prom Party

Luxe Photography will be rocking the photobooth at the Ultimate Pre-Prom Party at Cheryl Ann’s Bridal and Tuxedos, February 23 and 24 from 3-7pm.  Snag yourself a free, hot, new profile pic and enter to win a FREE session from us!  Everyone who is photographed in the booth will be entered into our FREE Teen Session contest.  All you have to do is become a fan of the Luxe Photography Facebook Page and tag yourself in your photo when we post them.  Then, get the friends and fam to “like” your image in our Photobooth Contest Album.  Whoever gets the most “likes” on their image scores a FREE 60 minute Session with the best Teen Photographers in the Dubuque area.  We will announce the winner March 6.

In addition to all the fun Luxe will be providing, you can try on and choose your prom dress for 2012, as well as get your date fitted with his tux….or vice versa ; )  Capri College will be on site to provide hair and makeup consultations.  The first 50 guests each day will receive a swag bag containing goodies from several area businesses like Red Robin, Culvers, Diamond Jo Casino Cherry Lanes, Capri College, The Flower Shoppe, Hy-Vee, New White Florist, River Lights Bookstore, Jamaica Me Tan, Freddies Popcorn and MORE!!  Music With Styles will be providing the lighting and this party will be rockin!!

You can RSVP to the event on Facebook, here.  Hope to see you all there!!  ~Sindi

Tips For Stellar Senior Portraits

Senior Portrait time is upon us and Luxe Photography has the hook up on all that’s unique and amazing.  We have a 2000 square foot indoor studio and 13 acres of outdoor photographic playground.  All of our Senior Portrait sessions are custom-designed to fit your personality and shot like they are the latest spread in Teen Vogue.  To get the most from the Luxe experience, here are some tips to make you shine:

1.  Accessories are good and lots of them.  Don’t dress like you do everyday for school, amp it up a notch!  Throw on some extra jewelry or try out a cool hat.  Don’t worry if you don’t have any because Luxe Photography’s accessory closet is overflowing and available for your use.

2.  Guys, come for your shoot with a cleanly shaven face.  Make your momma proud!

3.  Girls, bring a formal!  We will rock it like no other.  If you don’t have a formal, don’t worry, we have a stash of some that you can borrow.

4.  Bring on the color!  The camera loves it and you will look your best bathed in beautiful hues.

If you are ready to reserve your Senior Portrait Session time, give us a call/text at 319-521-3044 or email info@luxebysm2.com and we’ll get you taken care of.  Remember, there is only one Luxe Photography and you won’t get the Luxe experience, with the images to prove it, anywhere else.  We specialize in one of a kind images, for one of a kind teens.

Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

Choosing your wedding photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make about your wedding day.  Of everything else that you pay for that day, photographs are the most useful and lasting purchase.  They will be what you, family and friends refer to when they want to go back in time to feel the emotion of the day.

So, with that in mind, here are some tips to choose the perfect wedding photographer for you.

1.  Research several photographer’s websites and find a style that speaks to you.  Some wedding photographers are more formal, while others prefer more of a photo journalism feel.  Luxe Photography‘s style is ecclectic elegance.  We strive to make the images look polished  and beautiful, while showing true emotion and modern flair.

2.  You can rest assured when you choose a Certified Professional Photographer.  In this technological age, everyone has a camera and unfortunately some people believe since they own a fancy camera, they are equipped to be trusted with the very important task of photographing your wedding.  This is not the case.  Wedding photography is a specialty and will challenge even the best photographers with lighting issues, lack of time and the pressure of no “do-overs”.  There are only 55 Certified Professional Photographers in the State of Iowa and Sindi is one of them.  What this means is that she has passed a comprehensive written exam and had her images judged by a jury of experts to earn this designation.  You can search for a Certified Professional Photographer at PPA.com.

3.  Remember when shopping for a wedding photographer, you absolutely get what you pay for.  Don’t be disillusioned into thinking that you can get a photographer worth $4,000 for $$1,500.  Wedding Photographers know their worth and price accordingly.  If you need to save money, consider purchasing prints from the photographer, rather than the DVD.  A great photographer understands that an image created and color-corrected on their computer must be printed to a specific printer to ensure proper color density, gamut and contrast, so watch out for photographers who offer up the DVD and tell you that you can print anywhere, rather than specifying a specific lab that they are calibrated to.  Mpix.com is the consumer level lab that we allow our DVD clients to print through…no one else….because we care an obscene amount about your final printed images.

4.  After you have found a photographer who’s style you love and can fit into your budget, give them a call to set up a personal meeting.  Wedding Photographers should meet you in their studio for this.  You wouldn’t try on a dress at a coffee house, so why would it be any different when “trying on” your photographer?  You need to be able to see very large prints, in person, to know the quality of their printed work.  You should be offered at least a couple of albums so you can see how they bring the entire day together.  You want a photographer who can tell the story, not just get one or two usable images.   Luxe Photography has a 2000 square foot studio and 13 acres of outdoor, photographic playground.

5.  When you go to the consultation, be prepared to sign a contract and leave a deposit to reserve your day.  Wedding photographers, especially those in high demand, will  not hold your day until this is done.  If you have done your homework and chosen an amazing photographer, you don’t want to waste any time making it official or you could miss out.  Wedding photographers typically book up 12 months in advance so they need to be one of your first decisions.

So, I hope this article will help you brides-to-be with this very important aspect of your wedding.  If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with Luxe Photography, please call/text 319-521-3044 or email us.  Congratulations, good luck and HAVE FUN!!

The Current Wedding Attire Trends

In preparation for the 2012 Davenport Jaycees Bridal Expo, I spoke with Sherrie Keating from Cheryl-Ann Bridals and Tuxedos about current trends with wedding attire.  It sounds like color is in and in a big way!  Brides are no longer choosing one color for their Bridesmaids.  Instead, they are mixing it up with colors that you may not usually put together.  With combinations like purple and tangerine, hot pink and orange and cobalt and green, your photographer will love the splashes of color.  Jewel tones and peacock are still in, but an even bigger trend is the integration of feathers.  From the bouquet, to the headpiece, to an accent on the actual bridal gown, feathers are flocking to weddings in bulk!  Cathedral length veils have made a comeback, as well as vintage inspired designs.  Lace is super popular right now and in particular, lace jackets are hot sellers.  They allow the bride to choose a sleeveless dress for the ceremony and still have traditional, vintage flair.  When she takes the jacket off for the reception, the gown has a completely different look.  Sleeveless gowns still reign supreme, but one shoulder with some detail across the chest is also a popular choice.  Another trend that your photographer will love are 3D elements on the gowns.  These are layers of different details that give the dress dimension and interest.  Disney has paired up with Alfred Angelo to debut a stunning, new line of dresses so you can literally look like the Princess you are.  Personalized gifts are also hot right now and Cheryl-Ann Bridals carries Cathy’s Concepts.  Anything from leather goods to jewelry to home decor can be personalized for yourself and your valued attendants.

Cheryl-Ann Bridals and Tuxedos takes great pride in the fact that they are celebrating their 30th year as the Tri-State Area’s Bridal Industry Leader.  Stop down to 980 Main Street in Dubuque, IA sometime and see firsthand why they stand apart from the competition by offering the latest trends, best advice and attentive service.  You can also become a fan of their Facebook page to keep up to date on all the current news and happenings.

Luxe Photography will be appearing on the Paula Sands Live Show January 25, 2012 at 3pm to discuss how you can look best for your Wedding Day images.  Models, clothing and accessories will be provided by Cheryl-Ann Bridals and Tuxedos, flowers by HandPickd (just for you) and hair and make-up styling will be provided by Fringe Salon.  Tune in and get some great tips for the big day!  ~Sindi

Open House, January 2012

At the January 14 Open House, we unveiled the new dressing lounge, as well as our 2000 square foot studio remodel.  Everyone was very excited about the dressing lounge and couldn’t wait to create an opportunity to be able to use it.  A few weeks ago, I had asked a simple question on Facebook….describe my portraits in 5 words.  The most commonly used adjectives were over-the-top, colorful, unique, a mix of glamour and grunge, fun, creative, original, vibrant, fun and amazing.  I used these descriptions to design the dressing lounge and I think it represents my style perfectly.

In addition to experiencing the studio first hand, guests of the Open House were treated to the Luxe Photobooth experience and had a lot of fun dressing up and posing!

Guests scored a new Facebook profile pic just for stopping by to show their support.

To see more of our work, visit the Luxe Photography website and become a fan of our Facebook Page.  ~Sindi

2012 Davenport Jaycees Bridal Expo!

The 2012 Devenport Jaycees Bridal Expo is coming up January 28, 2012 from 9am to 4pm.  This year’s Bridal Expo will take place at the RiverCenter, 136 E. 3rd St, Downtown Davenport, Iowa.  Luxe Photography has been chosen as the Grand Prize for this event.  If you win the drawing, you will receive our Silver Collection, valued at $2500.  This Collection includes:

  • Full Day (up to 8 hours) coverage
  • Complimentary Engagement Session
  • 2 Photographers covering your day
  • Online Gallery of Images with Purchase Options
  • Complimentary Slideshow at the Reception of Wedding Day Images

Tickets for the Bridal Expo may be purchased for $8 in advance from all Quad Cities Hy-Vee locations, or for $10 at the door on the day of the event.  In addition to Luxe Photography, over 135 other Wedding Vendors will participate this year and help over 1,000 area brides plan the wedding of their dreams.  This is the largest Bridal Expo in the Midwest!!

Luxe Photography has just unveiled our new Wedding Website, so make sure you check it out and stop by to see us at the Expo January 28, 2012.  ~Sindi

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